Carela AG

Carela AG 4 February 2024


Carela AG is dedicated to creating a network that ensures high-quality care in collaboration with healthcare facilities. Guided by the rigorous standards and requirements of the Nursing Ordinance (KLV).


Carela AG faced a significant challenge of lacking an online presence, hindering their visibility in the digital landscape. The absence of a comprehensive online strategy posed difficulties in reaching their target audience and potential partners.


In addressing the challenge of lacking an online presence, our strategy for Carela AG focused on comprehensive digital initiatives. We began by developing a user-friendly Landing Page for website, optimizing content for search engines, and creating engaging materials to showcase Carela AG’s commitment to high-quality healthcare. Leveraging social media platforms, we built a community and increased brand awareness. Targeted online advertising campaigns on Google and social media were employed to drive traffic, complemented by email marketing to nurture relationships and share valuable insights.


Carela AG has experienced substantial success. The targeted online advertising initiatives not only drove increased traffic to the website but also translated into tangible business outcomes. Carela AG successfully gained new customers, meeting and even exceeding the predetermined targets. The campaigns effectively highlighted the company’s dedication to high-quality healthcare, resonating with the intended audience. The engaging content and visually appealing creatives on YouTube along with Google ads contributed significantly to brand awareness and customer acquisition.

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